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Career Management Consultants, Inc.(CMC) is a provider of SkillSoft e-learning courses. SkillSoft e-learning has proven to be a powerful tool to enhance productivity and improve employee retention.

Our SkillSoft's business and IT skills library consists of more than 4,000 e-learning courseware titles on business, technical, customer-oriented, and interpersonal skills, plus simulations, case study exercises, online mentoring, job aids, and test preparation. In some programs individuals will also have access to more than 5,700 unabridged online books through Books 24x7 Referenceware collections.

Sample business skills content includes modules on business effectiveness; management and leadership; project effectiveness; sales and customer-facing skills; finance, HR and administration; and business strategy and operations.

Contact us to learn more about how CMC and SkillSoft can benefit you and your organization!  717-657-2066

About SkillSoft
SkillSoft ( is a leading provider of comprehensive e-learning content and technology products for business and IT professionals within global enterprises. SkillSoft's multi-modal learning solutions support and enhance the speed and effectiveness of both formal and informal processes and integrate SkillSoft's in-depth content resources, learning management system, virtual classroom technology and support services. For more information, visit


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