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Career Management Consultants, Inc. (CMC) provides individuals with an intensive, highly personalized approach to the challenges of career transition and advancement. By combining current knowledge with research and analysis, CMC has created a skills building, hands-on approach to career management. This proven method provides a competitive edge even in the toughest of job markets. CMC offers the following services to our clients in career transition:

Introduction and overview of steps involved in an effective job campaign

Counseling through the emotional adjustments to the job separation

An in-depth assessment of skills, abilities, interests, needs and values

Definition of job/career goals
Realistic career goals are defined in terms of the individual's marketable capabilities

Design of an effective job campaign using appropriate sales/marketing techniques Includes:

  • Resume Development - a resume is constructed to support the individual's job/career goals.

  • Communications Strategy - the employee learns to identify and sell key strengths.

  • Marketing Strategies - these include conducting research to identify target companies and specific hiring managers, and organizing the campaign.

  • Interviewing - individuals learn to describe their strengths and potential contributions and how to handle sensitive questions.

  • Networking - Research has shown around eighty percent of all open jobs are unpublished, we teach individuals the techniques to explore this hidden job market.

  • Cover Letters - individuals are coached in effective writing approaches.

  • Thank You And Follow-Up Letters - proper use of thank you and follow-up letters is critical to an effective job campaign. Individuals are taught the essentials.

Salary Negotiations
Negotiating for more - individuals learn strategic and tactical negotiating techniques to improve conditions of employment, salary and/or professional status.

Starting a new job successfully and follow-up coaching in new job


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