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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a highly customized consulting service designed to improve or enrich an individual executive's job performance and/or satisfaction. Senior CMC consultants guide the sensitive process of assessment, feedback, action planning, and implementation to achieve measurable, meaningful results. This service has been effective for both executive development and improving problem performance. Some examples of these situations include:


  • Culture change situations such as mergers or acquisitions call for new skills

  • A newly-hired executive who needs to assimilate to a new role and achieve results

  • Preparing high-potential executives for advancement

  • Marketplace or competitive challenges requiring new skills/behaviors

  • Retaining highly-valued employees by improving job satisfaction and life/work balance


  • Improving "people" skills in technically proficient managers

  • Improving management skills and confidence

  • Assisting with organization and time management skills

  • Supporting better leadership skills to promote motivation and followership

Outline: The Executive Coaching Process

1) Fact-finding and Assessment - Clearly defining the goals of the engagement: clarifying processes, timelines and responsibilities; administration of multiple assessment instruments including (if appropriate) 360 degree, rounded assessments.
2) Feedback - Presenting the assessment findings and other data to the participant. (Feedback will be confidential unless otherwise directed by the participant.) Obtaining participant and organizational ownership.
3) Action Plan - Creating a realistic plan of action with long and short term goals, time frames, measurements, and responsibilities. (The plan will be prepared by the participant with the help and support of the Executive Coach/Consultant).
4) Present Action Plan to appropriate leader for approval and support.
5) Implementation - Putting the plan into action. CMC's involvement may end at phase (4) or may continue in a monitoring/coaching relationship with the participant.

6) Evaluate Results and plan next steps.


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